Kalliolinnan kahvi

Kalliolinnan kahvi tänä kesänä on Etiopialainen luomukahvi Burka Gudinan tilalta.  Se on single origin, eli kahvissamme käytetään vain yhden tilan kahvia.

Kahvi paahdetaan pienissä annoksissa Savonlinnassa.

Voit ostaa kahvia myös kotiisi Kalliolinnasta. Myymme kahvia 200g pusseissa, jauhettuna sekä paahdettuina papuina.

Kahvin tiedot

Country: Ethiopia

This washed Limu comes from the Jimma zone in the western highlands of Oromia, Ethiopia. On the fertile soils of this farm, coffee plants are completely shade grown and free from any type of chemicals. During harvest time, from September to December, the red cherries are picked with special care and then pulped immediately. Subsequently, the seeds are fermented in water for a number of hours (depending on type of coffee, region, temperature) to remove the mucilage layer of the beans. This whole process needs to be carefully monitored because if carried out incorrectly, unfavorable cup characteristics are likely to develop. Once fermentation has been completed, the coffee is directed through long troughs, where the coffee is then ‘washed’ to separate defected beans and foreign matter. Finally, the beans are placed on drying beds and turned every few hours to ensure drying takes place evenly. The washed Limu coffee beans have an oval shape and a blue, greenish color. Limu coffees are known for their fruity aromas, balanced body and acidity.